Things I learned in 2018


  1. I can be a total romantic.
  2. I’ve learned to love my legs. I have walked and run miles in them. They are strong. With them I bound, I skip and jump.
  3. Dry hair-cut for curly hair. Mind. Blown.
  4. I find it easy to make friends. Sometimes I just tell people, ‘hey, I like you, we’re going to be friends’. It works. That and paying them time and attention.
  5. Laughter came easy in Argentina.
  6. The Patriarchy is really clever. A lot cleverer than the Left it seems.
  7. People will more readily accept you’re teetotal than your refusal to communicate through a particular medium.
  8. I love male company.
  9. Also: I hate men.
  10. Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love. What else is there to live for?
  11. Jesse and Celine had the only conversations worth having.
  12. Radio Fip. You have been my faithful companion around the house for over five years. Thank you for liberating me from the tyranny of choice and for curating my playlists. For respecting my humanity with your ad-free sound space. For accompanying me as I stare out the garden door, watching birds for hours. I dread the day when they will take you away from me, and that day will come.